The Team

Alexander de la Cour Venning

Ceo, Founder

Dr. Alicia de la Cour Venning

Mother, Organization, Legal, Editor, Muse

Alexander de la Cour Venning

For over two decades, Alexander grappled with the unconscious patterns and communication mechanisms that undermine organizations and relationships. In 2018, he embarked on a transformative journey to confront his own challenges, diving deep into the world of Authentic Relating and Circling. These experiences sparked the creation of groundbreaking programs, inspired by leaders like ART International, Dr. Susan Campbell, and Rick Smith.

Alexander is fiercely committed to fostering authenticity in every interaction, believing it’s the key to enriching both personal and professional relationships. He’s a dynamic facilitator for workshops, specializing in corporate teams and not just a guide but a catalyst for transformative change. At the heart of his work, Alexander also facilitates deeply impactful sessions for couples and individuals, aiming to revolutionize personal connections just as profoundly as he does professional ones.

Embrace a new era of communication and organizational health with Alexander’s innovative approach.

Dr. Alicia de la Cour Venning

For years, Alicia has been at the forefront of dissecting state violence and the emergence of rebel governance, providing fresh insights into the dynamics of resistance against systemic oppression. Her tenure at the International State Crime Initiative has been marked by pivotal research, such as examining the paradoxical effects of international humanitarian norms that inadvertently support criminal regimes while marginalizing legitimate grassroots resistance. Her work on the genocidal processes in Myanmar, particularly in the Rakhine state, has not only drawn global attention but has been instrumental in shaping international legal and political strategies aimed at preventing such atrocities. Featured in major media outlets like BBC, CNN International, and The Economist, Alicia’s research has also influenced critical submissions to the International Criminal Court and ongoing United Nations investigations, making her a respected voice in international law and state crime studies.

At Corelate, Alicia wears multiple hats with unparalleled grace and efficiency. As our legal backbone and organizational wizard, she ensures our operations, including securing venues and handling logistics, run smoothly and effectively—tasks Alex would be utterly lost without. Beyond her professional prowess, Alicia is the nurturing heart of our family, expertly balancing her career with the joys and challenges of raising our child. She skillfully incorporates her extensive knowledge of cycle awareness, the impacts of patriarchy, and other critical social themes into our work, profoundly enriching our programs.

Alicia’s unique female perspective is not just a facet of her identity, but a powerful lens that enhances everything we do at Corelate. Her presence and input not only elevate our team but ensure that our workshops are as inclusive as they are transformative. She is truly our unsung hero, the quiet force pushing us toward excellence in every aspect of our lives and work.

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