For Your Company/Team

Our Workshops

  • 1-2 Day Workshops Customized to Your Team’s Unique Dynamics
    Experience workshops tailor-made for your company’s specific challenges, designed to maximize team cohesion and performance.
  • Open Workshops on Authentic Workspace and Conflict Management
    Dive into our range of open workshops, exploring key themes in Authentic Workspace and advanced Conflict Management. Transform how you connect and conquer conflict.
  • Authentic Relating and Trigger Work Workshops for Couples and Individuals
    Engage in transformative sessions that delve deep into Authentic Relating and Trigger Work, tailored for both individuals and couples seeking profound personal growth and enhanced connections.

Some of the Topics We Cover:

  • Intention: Reflect on your actions. Are they driven by control, or by a desire to grow and learn? What if you saw every situation as a learning opportunity?
  • Curiosity: Cast off old biases and greet every interaction with raw, unfiltered curiosity. What could your team achieve if every closed door was flung wide open?
  • Transparency: Think your team can handle unvarnished truth? Prove it. Forge trust and collaboration so strong, your competitors can’t help but notice. Transparency isn’t just policy; it’s power.
  • Feedback: Annual reviews are for amateurs. Embrace relentless, real-time feedback. Make every employee feel crucial to your narrative. Are you brave enough for continuous growth?
  • Empathy: Flip your corporate culture on its head. Value every emotion, every perspective. What could your workplace achieve if empathy was as common as coffee?
  • Openness: Honesty about emotions isn’t just nice—it’s fierce. Rip off the band-aids. Let’s get real and watch your workplace transform.
  • Respect: Imagine a culture where respect isn’t requested but demanded. Transform your environment into one where respect thrives like a law of nature.
  • Active Listening: Forget solving—start listening. What revolutionary ideas are simmering within your team, waiting to be heard?
  • Trust: Open, honest communication isn’t just an ideal; it’s your new baseline. Build trust that’s not just deep but legendary.

Our curriculum splits learning into short theory segments followed by practical exercises, applying simple yet profound principles to enhance your business environment.

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